Summer 2022 - Tuesday / Thursday

Player List

Name Team namePayment Status
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Adamiec, Ania 4th Class Relics Paid
Adams, Ken Three Date Huck Rule Paid
Ahlberg, Anders Discertators Paid
Aiken, Erik Northern Flickers Paid
Aiken, Ross Northern Flickers Paid
Aiken, Becky Northern Flickers Paid
Alber, Nadia A Parliament of Owls Paid
Albright, Cora Air Buddies Paid
Alexander, Andrew Green Eggs & Hammers Paid
Alexander, Kelsen Monona Bay Watch Not Paid
Alexander, Laura The Otter Team Paid
Alexander, Graeme Green Eggs & Hammers Paid
Alexander, Graeme West High School Paid
Aley, Megan Live, Laugh, Huck Paid
Allen, Brandon Shia La Huck Paid