Players looking for team

Our Spring and Fall leagues are "Hat" leagues, where you can sign up by yourself or with one friend and be placed onto a team.

This team / player finder is only really used for the Summer League.

(MMP)(Mon) 26 Year old Male Looking to join a medium level team and also have fun!
(MMP)(M/W)(Mon)(Wed) Male, 25, looking to join a somewhat competitive team that has fun
(M/W)(T/Th) male college Handler/cutter 6’3 fun or competitive
(MMP)(Mon) New to Madison & looking to have fun! (Intermediate)
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) 23 years old, 6'2 male looking to join team
(MMP)(M/W)(Mon)(Wed) Hello! I'm a fit, enthusiastic 23 year old guy whos interested in a Ultimate team for the summer!
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) 22yo Male College cutter, looking for competitive or more laid back team
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th)(Mon)(Wed) 30 yr old Male Looking to Join a team
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) 22M Cutter looking to run after some discs
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th)(Mon)(Wed) 33 yr old, cutter or handler, newish to town
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th)(Mon)(Wed) 24 yo Male looking for a fun team to play on!
(MMP)(Mon)(Wed) 27M new to competitive ultimate
(MMP)(Wed) MMP, looking for a team (Wednesday’s mixed) happy to handle, prefer to cut
(MMP)(Wed) Athletic 38 year old. Buddy Paul is playing as well. Looking for Wednesday only league. Currently playing in MUFA spring league.
(MMP)(Wed) Tall and Fast 25 year old looking to catch as many frisbees as you’re willing to throw at me
(MMP)(Wed) Moderately athletic, 43 yo guy, respectable throwing & catching.
Longtime Ultimate Player still in shape
(MMP)(T/Th) 22 y/o male looking for a team
(MMP)(T/Th) 15 y/o MMP, looking for a fun and casual team
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) College cutter looking for fun / competitive team, MMP
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th)(Mon)(Wed) 23, just out of college, looking for either a competitive or laidback team
(MMP)(M/W) 28 Male athletic semi-new to ultimate
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) Experienced handler cutter
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) Getting back into Ultimate - looking for fun team (MMP or Co-ED)
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th)(Mon)(Wed) Experienced MMP player new to Madison
(MMP)(M/W)(Mon)(Wed) Male, 29, 6"1' cutter. Looking to have fun on a somewhat competitive team.
(MMP)(T/Th)(Wed) MMP w/ 1 yr experience, beginner handler, intermediate cutter
(MMP)(T/Th)(Wed) 22 Male, new to ultimate, looking for a relaxed team
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th)(Mon)(Wed) 22M looking for team
(MMP)(M/W)(Mon)(Wed) 26, male, mostly a hobby player, looking for a team
(MMP)(Wed) (MMP) experienced reasonably athletic old dude with beard looking for chill team
(MMP)(T/Th) MMP, ringer, just finished college career
(MMP)(M/W)(Mon)(Wed) 30 y/o with some experience looking to have fun.
(MMP)(M/W) 25 Years old looking for a fun team to join
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) 24 year old Epic Employee looking for competition (and having fun)!
(MMP)(Mon)(Wed) (MMP) 24 looking to get back into ultimate after a few years hiatus, looking for a chill team
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th)(Mon)(Wed) High schooler who can be an mmp or fmp just looking to play and get some experience
Male athletic new to ultimate, down for semi-relaxed team
(MMP)(Wed) 18, solid throws, good team communication, very committed to the spirit of the game. Ready to have tons of fun!
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) 31 y/0 male looking for make friends and have fun playing ultimate
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) T/Th player hoping to join summer league! (26M, 5’10”)
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th)(Mon)(Wed) Strictly Discs
(MMP)(T/Th)(Mon) (25M) Newer to ultimate but pretty speedy.
(MMP)(Mon) MMP (Mondays - Fall League) Experienced player, new to Madison
(MMP)(T/Th) Looking to get back into Ultimate. 26M