Players looking for team

(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) Mildly competitive but having fun is #1 priority
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) Male, 28, Looking to join Summer 2022 Coed Team
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) Tall & Athletic Cutter Looking for a Fun Team
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th)(Mon)(Wed) M, 34, New to town and ultimate
(MMP)(T/Th)(Wed) MMP T/Th or Wed preferred; one last season to give to the right team!
(MMP)(Mon)(Wed) (MMP) 27 year old cutter looking to join a Coed team
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) Almost 21M. Looking to play summer Ultimate. Good hands better defense
(MMP)(Mon)(Wed) MMP, experienced flexible (cutter/handler) player semi-competitive
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th)(Mon)(Wed) 20 year old looking to join a somewhat competitive team
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) Male, 24, looking to join a fun summer team
(MMP)(M/W) Male, 22, Looking to Join Casual Summer Team
(MMP)(M/W)(Mon)(Wed) 32 Male LF Relaxed Team
(MMP)(T/Th)(Mon) Experienced MMP - looking for Monday or T/Th
(MMP)(M/W)(Mon)(Wed) My name is Eric. I am a 24 year old, 6’5 male
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th)(Mon)(Wed) A lanky vet who can handle and cut looking to partake in some summer MUFA!!
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) 22 Past college player, current couch potato, future frisbee stud for your team???
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th)(Mon)(Wed) Novice hoping for some fun
(FMP)(Mon) Hi fellow frisballers! I'm a female with league experience looking to join a team on Mondays. HMU! :)
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) Male, 22, college club player, looking for summer league team.
(MMP)(T/Th) Experienced handler looking to be an official sub
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) Male, 22, somewhat competitive, looking to have fun
(MMP)(M/W)(Mon)(Wed) Male, 24 New in town looking to play some ultimate
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th)(Mon)(Wed) M, 30, athletic, can provide mascot: golden retriever puppy
(MMP)(T/Th) FMP and MMP looking for team
FMP (Mon)(Wed) female, 36, past club player in Seattle, looking for a competitive and fun team for the summer
(MMP)(T/Th)(Mon)(Wed) MMP, 33, Can handle but prefer to cut
(MMP)(Wed) Male 25, loves ultimate. Can be Utility. Good team player.
(MMP)(T/Th) I love to catch and throw hammers.
(MMP)(T/Th)(Wed) Token fit old(er) guy who makes minimal turnovers.
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th)(Mon)(Wed) 28 years old, former college player but a little washed up
(MMP)(T/Th)(M/W) 23 year old who loves to play ultimate
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) Marquette Uni player looking for a summer team during internship
(MMP)(T/Th) Male, 26, Loves to run. Looking to join a team that needs a spare set of hands.
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th)(Mon)(Wed) 24M, played at college open level, am new to Wisconsin!
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) (MMP)
(FMP)(T/Th)(Wed) 6'2 fit 27 year old guy
(MMP)(M/W)(Mon)(Wed) Male 26, handler or cutter, new to town and looking to have fun playing ultimate!
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) Male, 22, Looking to Huck in Summer 22' and Fall 22', Just moved here. Played through high school & college.
(MMP)(T/Th)(Mon) 23, M, new to ultimate
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th)(Mon) Long-time player looking for a fun but competitive team
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) M, 26, Looking to learn and play in a fall league
(MMP)(T/Th) Head band & short shorts!
(FMP)(Mon) 18 year old FMP looking for Monday Co-ed Teams (Early Bird league preferred.)
(FMP)(M/W) (FMP) 17, Fast and athletic cutter looking to join a competitive team for the fall !
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th)(Mon)(Wed) Athletic 23 y/o male looking for team.
(MMP)(Wed) 23 y/o male, a little experience back in high school, swam D1 in college and now looking for something fun/athletic/competitive to do
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) MMP - Played some in college and looking to get back into it!