Players looking for team

Our Spring and Fall leagues are "Hat" leagues, where you can sign up by yourself or with one friend and be placed onto a team.

This team / player finder is only really used for the Summer League.

(MMP)(T/Th) Looking to get back into Ultimate. 26M
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) 23M looking for fun team
(MMP)(T/Th) 31M, Seasoned MUFA player who can handle or cut that is unable to play on normal MW team.
(FMP)(M/W)(T/Th)(Mon)(Wed) Looking to meet people, play ultimate and have fun!
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th)(Mon)(Wed) 26M looking to play summer league
(MMP)(M/W)(Mon) Played college ultimate at Purdue a few years ago, want to get back into it, 25M
(MMP)(T/Th) 31M Seasoned cutter/handler looking to have fun on a competitive team!
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) New to the area, looking for a team!
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) Ready to get back into the sport.
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) (MMP) (21m) Played ultimate before trying to get back into the sport
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) 22M moving to the area and looking to get into the ultimate scene
(MMP)(T/Th) 26 year old MMP looking for a fun team
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th)(Mon)(Wed) (MMP) 19-yo cutter looking to have some fun!
(MMP)(M/W) MMP 27 Experienced looking to play some good ultimate!
(MMP)(M/W)(Mon)(Wed) I like frisbee
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th)(Mon)(Wed) 22m looking to toss a disc with some mates
(MMP)(Mon)(Wed) After couple years off, looking for return to a fun/social team (40M)
(FMP)(M/W)(T/Th)(Mon)(Wed) Fmp (17) looking for a team to join
(FMP+MMP)(M/W) FMP + MMP Pair looking for M/W Team (and ideally West side)
(FMP)(M/W)(T/Th)(Mon)(Wed) FMP with college and MUFA experience looking to join a team!
(MMP)(T/Th) M26 I will run and play stingy defense
(FMP)(Mon) Looking for a fun laid back team 31F
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) MMP 22M handler looking for a team or someone to sign up as a small group with
(MMP)(Mon) FMP+MMP bagged
(MMP)(M/W)(Wed) (MMP) Looking to join a team and have fun 29M
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) Looking To Play 25M
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) 24M
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) New to ultimate looking for a fun team
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) Beginner looking to join a team
(FMP)(T/Th)(Mon) FMP, 21
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) Looking for laid back/fun team to join to get back into playing Ultimate
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th)(Mon)(Wed) (MMP) 31 played for many years just moved to Madison
(MMP)(Mon)(Wed) (MMP)(Mon)(Wed) 30M new to the area looking for a summer league team to join!
(MMP)(M/W) Back in town looking to play again
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) 21M D1 College Player Moving to Madison, looking for team to play and meet some new people.
(MMP+FMP) (Tue/Thur) (Mon) Looking for a fun and Laid back ultimate team to do some cutting for
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th) 22 yr old male, 5 years of casual experience
(MMP)(M/W)(T/Th)(Mon)(Wed) (25M) Newer to ultimate but pretty speedy.