Grant App. Guidelines
MUFA Grant/Loan/Sponsorship Request Application Guidelines (updated 2/13/2014)

MUFA may be willing to financially support individuals or groups for Ultimate-related activities/events. The individual or group representative(s) must fill out an application form and submit it according to the following guidelines in order to be considered for support:
Grant Forms
The applicant must fill out the appropriate MUFA grant/loan request form. (As of this writing, there is only one general form). Download the MUFA grant/loan request form.

This form must be sent via email to the MUFA president ([email protected]) with the subject “Grant/Loan/Sponsorship Request”
Madison Ultimate Frisbee Association wishes to help high school teams with fund raising by donating 100 Ultimate Players Association certified discs with a hot stamp of the teams choice, to a school team meeting MUFA standards. This will be a one time only donation to a school that is chosen to receive this grant. It is MUFA’s hope that the school team receiving the grant will sell the discs for profit, bank the portion of sales equal to the cost of their next order of 100 discs, therefore creating a constant recycling fund raising tool, and always supplying quality ultimate disc’s to anyone connected to their school.
MUFA Standards

Must be a high school team, with all players attending the same school.
Team must be an official school recognized registered club or sport team.
Must have a an adult coach, preferably UPA Certified.

Hot stamp design must include the woods MUFA High School Grant, and the design must be seen by and accepted by the MUFA Board of Directors before grant is delivered. MUFA will do the ordering of discs from manufacturer.

Any high school team interested in applying for this grant must supply the following;

Documentation of the registered club or sport with the school sponsor and principal signature.
Contact information of the principal including; name, school address, phone and e-mail address.
Contact information of team captain and/ or adult coach including; name, school address, personal phone and e-mail address.
If your team does not have an adult coach, MUFA will help find your team a coach.

Your team must set up a permanent school team postal and e-mail address.
The team is very much encouraged always include players representing each class year. This will help the team last many years instead of when the single class team graduates.

Send application to: [email protected]

Grant/Loan/Sponsorship requests will be reviewed by the MUFA board ASAP. The request must be received both via email and standard mail to be considered.

The applicant can expect information by email regarding the board’s decision.