Summer 2022 - Tuesday / Thursday

Summer League 2022

We offer several options for playing summer league this year. There are two divisions: MW (Mon/Wed) League and TR (Tues/Thurs) League. These teams play twice per week. New this year, we are offering a one time per week option on Mondays and Wednesdays. The One Time per Week teams will be integrated with the MW league but will only have games on the night they chose.


Summer League is a “Swiss” league, meaning that how well your team does dictates which other team will be your opponents the following week, as determined by MUFA’s magic algorithm that takes into account the strength of your opponent and the score of the game. If your team is doing well, you will be matched against other teams that are doing well. If you’re struggling, you will be paired with another team that’s in a similar situation.  More details on how our Swiss Leagues work will be posted soon.

How to Sign Up:

Captains should first create a team, and then send their team password to their teammates. Then each individual player can sign up.

Create a team (captains only) or sign up for a league by using the LEAGUES drop down from the menu bar at the top of the screen.

**Note that the 1x per week teams will be signing up separately from the 2x per week. This is only so we can charge different amounts within the existing registration system. The leagues will be merged before games start.

Need a Team? Need more Players for your Team?

Use the Team Finder link on the sidebar of this page.

Small Group Sign up - Not quite enough for a full team? Sign up as a small group of at least half FMP (female-matching players) and we will put you on a team. Sign up before May 15 to get a free jersey and before May 30 to get on a team.

All small group sign ups will initially pay the 2x per week rate. If you get placed on a 1x per week team, you will get a refund for the difference.

Summer League Dates and Deadlines Summary:

May 15: Deadline for getting a free jersey with your registration

May 30: Deadline for creating a team

June 6: Games begin

June 30: Deadlines for adding individuals to existing rosters (no free jersey or disc)

Week of Aug 22: End of season/finals party (TBD)

Registration Deadline for teams: May 30

Teams must have a minimum of 6 FMP (female matchup preferred) and 6 MMP (male matchup preferred) by May 30 to be considered a registered team.

Each team must have 1 FMP captain and 1 MMP captain. Whoever creates the team will be able to designate the second captain.

YCC Youth Sponsorship Auctions

We will hold auctions again, where youth sponsors can get perks in appreciation for their donations. Home fields and 6:30 only games will be offered. More info to come.

Any summer league team whose youth donations total $100 or more will be given the option to choose their jersey color. All other teams receive a random jersey color.

Extra Jerseys and Youth Shirts

If you miss the May 15th deadline for a free jersey, wish to buy an extra jersey, or want a youth shirt in the same color as your team’s jersey, you can add that item when you pay for your registration. Note that MUFA places its order on May 15. Our shirt supplier may choose to order additional jerseys on their own dime to sell to late registrants. These are not “extras” that MUFA has lying around and won’t give you for free because we are mean.

Playoffs and Finals

The top 8 or 16 teams in Tuesday/Thursday league will have a standard single elimination playoffs as we’ve had in the past. We may modify what the postseason is like for other teams. Regardless of any changes, all teams will receive at least two playoff/postseason games. More information to come.

Registration Costs ( includes free jersey and disc if you sign up by May 15 )

2x per week leagues: $60

1x per week: $45 

MUFA's Registration Fee Increase:

For many years, MUFA enjoyed extraordinarily low field rental costs from the city. We had direct financial sponsorship from the Great Dane. In addition, MUFA did not directly support youth programming, coaching, or sponsorships. The city now charges many times more than it has in the past, and MUFA's youth program has grown substantially. The Great Dane is also no longer able to provide the financial support they did before 2020. Add to that our decreased participation numbers due to the pandemic, and MUFA simply needs to charge more to provide the top-of -the-line leagues we've all become accustomed to. Even at this higher rate, we still charge less than most or all organizations our size, and provide more games and perks (e,g. jerseys - no other league does that) than elsewhere. All of our board members and league directors are unpaid volunteers who care very much for our organization and want to see it flourish. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

No Vaccine Requirements

MUFA will not be requiring vaccination for summer league. It is still highly recommended that those who are not vaccinated wear a mask. In the event that during summer league a government entity (local or federal) instates a mask mandate and/or a vaccine requirement that includes organizations like MUFA, MUFA will require all summer league participants to comply. Anyone who does not will not be allowed to participate and will not receive any refund. MUFA may modify game rules, cancel one or more games, or cancel the season entirely depending on the situation. MUFA will NOT on its own decide to require masks or vaccines or take any other measures. We do not anticipate any of this happening, but want to make sure everyone understands just in case. If you do not feel comfortable with this, please do not sign up for summer league.

Official Subs

Each team is allowed 2 permanent subs that can be used anytime the team has less than 5 players of a gender available. These subs must be listed on the roster as subs. Official subs cannot be used if there are 5 or more regular roster players of the same gender playing in the game. The official subs must sign up on a team as a sub. Teams must inform the opposing captain of their use of the subs, but the opposing captain has no say in their eligibility. These subs must be on other summer league teams and they can be in the same league. Subs cannot be used in the playoffs. Any subs used in the playoffs must have the other captain's permission.

Ringers can only be subs for other ringers.

Unofficial Subs

Unofficial subs are not allowed except with permission of the opposing captain. In addition, that sub must be registered and paid on another Summer 2022 MUFA team. See MUFA Rulebook on the side panel for more information.

Ringer Limits

TR Swiss: 3 ringers of each gender on the roster, 2 of each gender on the field

 MW Swiss: 2 ringers of each gender on the roster, 2 of each gender on the field.

(“Ringers” are high-level players who meet certain criteria as detailed in the MUFA rulebook. See MUFA Rulebook on the side panel for more information)

Forfeits/Spirit Violations/Player Shortage/Notifications

If teams need to forfeit a game, they are required to notify MUFA and their opponents in a timely manner. Teams that repeatedly forfeit or do not have enough players to field a team may be removed from future weeks of play or the playoffs. In addition, teams can be removed from the playoffs or even the league altogether for repeated poor gamesmanship or other conduct violations, in accordance with our Complaints Policiy. See the MUFA rulebook for more detail. More information on specific forfeit policies for Summer League will be posted soon.


Registration-specific questions: email mufadisc      ( at gmail)

General league questions: email [email protected]

Youth Ultimate questions: email mufa.youth (at gmail)

Any other questions: email (at gmail)