Summer League is here!

Warm days, good friends, and great ultimate, what more could you ask for? MUFA Summer League registration is officially open! 

MUFA Summer League is a mixed-gender, weekly league featuring a ratings based matchup system to ensure you play with similarly skilled teams. Last season, we had over 120 teams and 2,500 players of all skill levels, so there is a place for you and your friends in our leagues. 

After each game, your team can socialize and use your ‚Äėbeer card‚Äô to get two free pitchers of beer to share together at select Great Dane locations in Madison and Fitchburg.

Summer League is more than just a league; it's an over 30-year-long tradition of celebrating the summer together. 

What do you get with your Summer League Registration?

  • Up to 17 regular season games and up to 3 playoff games

  • After every game, your team gets two pitches of beer at one of the Great Danes located around Madison/Fitchburg

  • MUFA 2024 Summer League Team Jersey**¬†

  • MUFA 2024 Summer League Disc**

**These are only guaranteed if you register by May 8th

What Summer Leagues do we offer? 

(Regular Season: June 3rd - Aug 1st) (Playoffs: Aug 5th - Aug 13th)

($60) Monday/Wednesday League - Create Team - Join Team

($60) Tuesday/Thursday League - Create Team - Join Team

These leagues play twice a week.

($45) One Day a Week (M or W) - Create Team - Join Team

Does two times a week feel like too much for your team's busy schedule? This league participates in the M/W league (listed above) but only plays once a week on either Monday or Wednesday. Once registration closes, we'll move your team into the M/W league and only schedule you on your preferred day.

($60) Small Group Signup - Register

Don't have enough for a full team? No problem. Register in the small group signup! All you need is one or more other people, and we will join you with other groups to create a team for you to play on in the M/W Summer League. 

Note: You must have at least half FMP (female-matching players) to be placed onto a team from the Small Group Signup.

Changes to Jersey Deadlines (Now May 8th)

IMPORTANT: The Jersey deadline has been moved up by one week this year, and we are also opening registration one week earlier to help accommodate this. 

To ensure your free disc and jersey this year, you must have a paid registration by MAY 8TH and your team has at least six paid FMP and MMP players.

When and where is the Summer League? 

Time: 6pm or 7:30pm start time during the start of summer, and games last for up to 90 minutes. All games will be scheduled for 6:30pm from July 22nd through the end of the season.


Days: What day(s) you play depends on the league you sign up for. You can play either once or twice a week. For options of days, read below.

Location: All around the Madison area. Teams can select which side of town they prefer to play on, but we cannot guarantee they will have that side of town every game.

Looking for a Team/Players? 

Players and Teams can use the team/player finder pages to find a team to join or a player to join their team.

Players Looking for a Team: Players can post here, and teams can search it to find a player to contact to join their team.

Teams Looking for Player(s): Teams can post here, and players can search it to find a team that needs players to join their team. 

If you're unable to find a team and it's getting close to May 27th, try to grab a friend and sign up for the small group signup. 

Summer League Dates and Deadlines 

May 8th: Team Jersey deadline (read Jersey Options below for more details)

May 27th: 

  • Deadline to register for Small Group Signup

  • Deadline for creating a team (Must have 6 FMP paid and 6 MMP paid players on team)

May 29th:

  • Teams must be a ready state to have matches schedule for them.

June 1st: Jersey Pickup

June 3rd: First week of games

June 30th: Last day for an individual to join a team

July 3rd/4th: No Games, Holiday Break

July 22nd: All games move to start at 6:30pm

Aug 5th/6th: Playoffs Begin [up to 3 games] (All teams will go into a playoff bracket)

Aug 7th/8th: Opt-In Consolation Playoffs Begin [up to 2 games] (teams who lose their playoff game can enter a consolation playoff)

Aug 20th: Finals Party


Jersey Information

If a team has at least 6 paid FMP and MMP players by May 8th, they will receive jerseys and discs with the 2024 design. The captain can pick up these items on the weekend of June 1st..


Players who pay between May 8th and through June 2nd can purchase a 2024 jersey for a small fee in addition to the summer league fee as part of a smaller second jersey printing run that Wildwood is doing. These jerseys will be available for individual pickup at Wildwood in mid/late June.

Anyone who registers after June 2nd will not get a jersey.


* any shirts or discs not picked up by July 31st are automatically donated to MUFA

Registration Deadline for teams: May 27th

Teams must have a minimum of 6 FMP (female matchup preferred) and 6 MMP (male matchup preferred) by May 27th to be considered a registered team. Each team must have 1 FMP captain and 1 MMP captain. Whoever creates the team will be able to make other players on the team captains.


Extra Jerseys and Youth Shirts

If you register by May 8th, you can also order extra adult jerseys or youth shirts when completing the checkout for your summer league registration. 


Playoffs and Finals

When we get closer to playoffs, teams can opt in to participate. Playoffs will be single elimination brackets of 4-8 teams of similar skill levels. Teams that lose their first playoff game can opt-in to a consolation bracket of 2-4 teams of similar skill who also lost their first game. This means that all teams can play at least 2 playoff games. We will post more details and any adjustments to this structure closer to the start of playoffs.


Unofficial Subs

Unofficial subs are not allowed unless you have explicit permission from the opposing captain. In addition, all subs must be registered and paid for Summer League 2024. See the MUFA Rulebook on the side panel for more information.


Ringer Limits

TR Swiss: 3 ringers of each gender on the roster, 2 of each gender matching on the field

MW Swiss: 2 ringers of each gender on the roster, 2 of each gender matching on the field.

("Ringers" are high-level players who meet certain criteria detailed in the MUFA rulebook. See MUFA Rulebook on the side panel for more information)


Forfeits/Spirit Violations/Player Shortage/Notifications

If teams need to forfeit a game, they are required to notify MUFA and their opponents in a timely manner. Teams that repeatedly forfeit or do not have enough players to field a team may be removed from future weeks of play or the playoffs. In addition, teams can be removed from the playoffs or even the league altogether for repeated poor gamesmanship or other conduct violations, in accordance with our Complaints Policy. See the MUFA rulebook for more details. More information on specific forfeit policies for the Summer League will be posted soon.

Refund Policy

1. If you refund before May 8th, you can get a refund minus $3 (to cover Paypal fees). You will not receive a jersey or disc.

2. If you refund after May 8th but before June 4th. You can get a refund minus $25. You will get a shirt and disc to pick up at Wildwood Productions by July 31*. 

3. No refunds after June 3rd. You will get a shirt and disc; if you ordered one, you can pick them up at Wildwood Productions by July 31st or from your team if they already picked them up. 



Registration-specific questions: [email protected]

General league questions: [email protected]

Youth Ultimate questions: [email protected]

If you have any other questions, [email protected]


Spring League 2024

Welcome to Spring League! Every league in the Spring League is a 'hat' league. A hat league means you sign up either by yourself or in a small group, and you are placed onto a team with other players by the MUFA league directors. Each league will last up to 8 weeks, starting on April 8th and ending on May 30th, and each team can enjoy two free pitchers of beer at the Great Dane after every game. 


We will continue to use a lottery system to start registration. In the lottery system, you register for one or more leagues you want to play in and rank them based on preference. We will randomly select players from the lottery and place them into their highest preferred league that still has space. You can read more details about that here. 


Are you interested in youth? Please check out our youth page.


Note: The start date and each week's games depend on whether the fields can be played on and if it is safe to play (e.g., bad weather). There are no make-up games or refunds due to bad weather. 



Female Matching Player (FMP) Leagues - Baggage Limit 4

All games run from 6-7:30 PM.

($25) Monday FMP: IM/Adv | Both sides of town 
($25) Thursday FMP: Recreational | East Side
($25) Tuesday FMP: Coached | West Side (Manchester) 


The coached league offers beginner and intermediate players a chance to learn and improve their ultimate frisbee skills. Beginners will learn/improve on the basics, while intermediate players can refine and develop new skills. Sessions include 1 hour of skill practice through drills, followed by 30 minutes of scrimmaging, with more scrimmage time as the season advances. Instruction is provided by elite local female players, offering a great opportunity to learn from dedicated and skilled athletes. Returners are welcome!



Male Matching Player (MMP) Leagues - Baggage Limit 4

All games run from 6-7:30 PM

($40) Monday/Wednesday MMP | Both sides of town

($25) Tuesday MMP | East Side
($25) Thursday MMP | West Side


Mixed Leagues - Baggage Limit 2

All games run from 6-7:30 PM

($25) Thursday Mixed - Recreational  | Both sides of town
($25) Thursday Mixed - Adv. Draft  | Both sides of town
($25) Tuesday Mixed - Masters | Mostly West Side


"Masters" league is based on age, not skill. Male Matching Players must be 33 or older and Female Matching Players must be 30 or older this year to participate. Field locations vary with league size; while we aim to stick mostly to the west side, occasional crosstown games may occur.



Season Schedule

Registration runs from March 15th through April 2nd. 


Our Mixed Leagues will likely fill up during the lottery phase of our registration.
Please ensure that 
if you want to play in a Mixed League, sign up by March 22nd. 



Schedule Details


  • Friday, March 15th @ 8pm - Lottery registration opens
  • Friday, March 22nd @ 11:59pm - Lottery Registration closes
  • Saturday, Marc 23rd-29th - In multiple waves, we select lottery players and place them onto teams
    • During this phase, lottery registration will remain open, but you can only be selected for the next wave.
  • Saturday, March 30th @ 8pm - Normal registration is open for any remaining spots
  • Tuesday, April 2nd @ 11:59pm - Registration closes
  • Wednesday, April 3rd - Initial Teams created
  • Week of April 8th - 11th - First Week of Games
  • Week of May 28th - 30th - Last week of games
    • Note: No games on the 27th due to the College Nationals in Madison


Agender, gender non-conforming (GNC), genderqueer, or gender fluid players are encouraged to join leagues and match up with the players they feel most comfortable playing with and marking. The goal is to make all MUFA programs more welcoming and safe for all athletes.



Quick FAQ

How does the lottery registration work? 

For full details of the lottery, you can go here.


What is a hat league?

Our hat leagues are where players join individually (or with one friend) rather than as a full team. Players rate themselves during registration, and after registration closes, we form teams based on the player ratings to try to have the most balanced teams possible. Full teams are not permitted to join the fall league as full teams.


What is baggage?

To "bag" with someone, associate your registration with someone else's to ensure you get on the same team. So you can bag with your friend, S/O, or whomever you choose, and they will be placed on the same team as you.


What does MMP or FMP stand for?

MMP means male-matchup preferred or male-matching player.

FMP means female-matchup preferred or female-matching player. 


What do Mixed, Open, FMP, MMP mean for the league names?

These reference the format that the league is played in. 

Mixed: Alternating 4MMP/3FMP - 3MMP/4FMP gender-ratio 

Open: Teams of any gender-matching preferred players, no required ratio on the field

MMP: Only Male-Matching Preferred players can play in this league

FMP: Only Female-Matching Preferred players can play in this league


Agender, gender non-conforming (GNC), genderqueer, or gender fluid players are encouraged to join leagues and match up with the players they feel most comfortable playing with and marking. The goal is to make all MUFA programs more welcoming and safe for all athletes.



If you have any questions, you can contact us at [email protected]