MUFA COVID-19 Updates/League Info

Hi Madison Ultimate Community

This communication includes our path toward Adult League Return to Play in 2021, including:

  • Spring Test League - a very small “league” to test our protocols and rules modifications for our larger leagues (Summer and Fall)

  • Timeline for when decisions will be made and communicated to our community about MUFA-organized playing opportunities

  • Summer League 1 - a 3-week league in June to scale up protocols

  • Summer League 2 - a 6-week league in July-August 

We do not guarantee that any of these will take place if there are changes to infection rates and other publicly-available metrics. We will stick to our communication plan, as outlined below!

Spring Test League:

Our MUFA Board met last week to discuss a path to Return to Play for adult leagues. In order to evaluate our comfort with administering a large league, like our Summer League, with the proper protocols required by local Public Health Madison Dane County (PHMDC) and City of Madison Parks Department, our goal is to run a “test” league in Spring. This four week league will only be available to players who have completed a full vaccine protocol:

  • 2 doses Moderna or Pfizer vaccines, plus two full weeks after the second vaccine dose, OR

  • 1 dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine, plus four full weeks after receiving the vaccine

All participants will be required to wear masks for the duration of each session - there are no exceptions. If you are unable to exercise while wearing a mask, we ask that you not express interest in this league.

Knowing that there have been no organized opportunities to play thus far, we will have a prioritized registration based on the following criteria, among fully vaccinated players:

  1. MUFA Volunteers (including league commissioners, event volunteers, youth coaches, and other MUFA volunteers).

  2. Random lottery

If you are interested in participating, you must fill out the survey AND be willing to provide a copy of your vaccination card showing dates and locations where you received your doses (you may redact any sensitive information, such as social security numbers or any other private identifiers). The league will be a mixed format, with equal male-matching and female-matching players. There will be four teams with 64 participants total (16 per team). Any interested participants must complete the survey by no later than Friday, April 23, 2021 at 11:59 PM CDT.

Link to Spring Test League Participation Survey:

  • This will be a VERY limited opportunity, and the goal is to test our COVID protocols, gather/analyze data, and determine replicability for larger leagues in the future (summer and fall).

  • The goal is NOT to prioritize the play of competitive ultimate; as a result, the cost of this league will be very low $5 per participant.

  • Spectators and family members will NOT be allowed to attend. We may have additional experts there to observe (medical/public health folks) and cleared to attend ahead of time.

  • Each week, participants will be required to complete at least two surveys:

    • One COVID screening survey within 24-48 hours of playing,

    • One survey providing feedback/comments on protocols tested during the games, and

    • Additional surveys as asked by MUFA organizers

  • Dates:

    • Thursday, April 29 (Rain Date: Tuesday May 4)

    • Thursday, May 6 (Rain Date: Tuesday, May 11)

    • Thursday, May 13 (Rain Date: Tuesday, May 18)

    • Thursday, May 20 (Rain Date: Tuesday, May 25)

  • By agreeing to participate, all players will do their best to be available from 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm on each of the game and rain dates identified.

  • No subs will be allowed.

From there, the MUFA Board will determine if changes must be made in order to scale the protocols for Summer league. One potential outcome is that the MUFA Board may determine that it is unfeasible to run a large scale league with the type of protocols required. 

Summer League 2021 - TWO different Sessions

This year, MUFA will run two separate Summer League sessions:

  • Summer League 1: June 14 through July 2, 2021 (3 weeks)

  • Summer League 2: July 12 through August 20, 2021 (6 weeks)

Based on the outcome of our Spring Test League, we will have until Sunday, May 30  to analyze data and determine scalability, if possible. By no later than 7:00 pm CDT on Sunday, May 30, 2021, MUFA will send an email, similar to this one to 2019 participants AND post an announcement on our website and Facebook page sharing the findings of our league and announce any required COVID precautions to participate in Summer League 1.

If Summer League 1 proceeds, teams and players will have from May 30, 2021 at 7 pm CDT through June 5, 2021 to sign up for the league.

If Public Health Orders change at any time during Summer League 1, they will NOT impact the protocols for league participants in Summer League 1. Once you sign your waiver to participate, you will be required to follow ALL protocols in place as of May 30, 2021 at 7:00 PM CDT. 

The break between sessions will allow for the MUFA Board to amend any plans based on Public Health Orders. Or if Summer League 1 does not take place, it will allow the MUFA Board to determine if the situation has changed to be safer or more feasible to play recreational adult sports leagues.

MUFA will plan to announce whether or not Summer League 2 will proceed as planned by no later than Friday, June 25. If the Board determines to hold Summer League 2, registration will open on Sunday, June 27 at 7:00 pm CDT and run through Friday, July 2, 2021 at 7:00 pm CDT.


  • March 31, 2021 - MUFA Board announces formal Return to Play plan (Adult Return to Play communication #1)

  • April 23 at 11:59 PM CDT - deadline for vaccinated participants to submit interest via online survey to participate in Spring Test League: 

  • Spring Test League runs: Thursdays April 29, May 6, 13, 20 (Rain Dates: Tuesdays May 4, 11, 13, 20)

  • NO LATER THAN May 30 at 7:00 PM CDT - MUFA Adult Return to Play communication #2 sharing the outcome of Spring Test League and whether or not Summer League 1 will proceed. Update will be sent via email and posted on the website and Facebook page.

  • May 30  at 7:00 PM CDT - Summer League 1 Team registration begins (if Board determines it is safe to do so)

  • June 5 at 11:59 PM CDT - deadline to sign up for Summer League 1, if applicable

  • June 14 through July 2 - Summer League 1, if applicable (3 weeks)

  • NO LATER THAN JUNE 27 at 7:00 PM CDT - Adult Return to Play communication #3 providing a Summer League 2 status update will be sent via email and posted on the website and Facebook page.

  • June 27 at 7:00 PM CDT - Summer League 2 registration opens

  • July 2 at 7:00 PM CDT - Summer League 2 registration closes

  • July 12 through August 20 - Summer League 2 (6 weeks)

ANY AND ALL FUTURE ANNOUNCEMENTS WILL BE POSTED ON OUR WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK PAGE. We do plan to send out email communications (as outlined above), but want to encourage you to check out those sites at the dates outlined above for more detailed information.


Will subs be allowed?
Answer: We are determining to what extent, if possible, subs may be allowed. They will not be allowed at all for the Spring Test League. Even for summer leagues they will be very restricted.

How many days per week will we play for Summer League 1 and Summer League 2, if they happen?
Answer: Summer Leagues will be twice per week, either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. Summer League 1 will last for three weeks. Summer League 2 will likely last for 6 weeks.

Will youth players be allowed to participate?
Answer: In normal circumstances, all players must be 14 years of age or older; however, we are still determining the lowest age for “Summer League 1 and 2” this year, based on vaccine availability and infection rates.

We are working to make a May-June youth-focused opportunity available to elementary, middle, and high school players and will have a formal announcement regarding this as well as a YCC interest form released on 4/2/2021.

If Public Health Madison Dane County changes our requirements so people don’t have to wear masks outdoors halfway through a league, can I stop wearing my mask?
Answer: Whatever protocols are in place at the START of team registration is what will be required until the absolute end of the league. We will not change protocols halfway through a season.

I don’t want to wear a mask. If I’m not required to by local public health, can I still play?
Answer: If participants are required to wear masks outdoors at the start of registration, you will be required to wear a mask through the duration of that league.

How will you enforce wearing masks?
Answer: We’ll be working on refining this as we get closer to Summer League 1. Tentatively, we will have random checks every week for every team. You will be observed by a MUFA representative during your game. If your team is found to violate the protocol, you will be kicked out of the league. (We will obviously be reasonable about a player who needs to go by themselves to regain their breath, or folks getting water, etc.) We’re working with public health experts and legal folks in order to finalize this -- what enforcement looks like and an appeal process. Stay tuned!

How do I report an opposing team that is not complying with the protocols?
Answer: See above. We will be refining this more as Summer League 1 announcements get closer. We will be relying on teammates as the first enforcer -- if folks are grossly violating the rules, your whole team will be kicked out, not just the person in violation. We will have a formal process for reporting these violations. Stay tuned!

Will you be emailing us more information?
Answer: Yes. You will receive two more Adult Return to Play communications as outlined above. In addition to these email notifications, we will update our MUFA COVID website and Facebook Page with communications:

MUFA COVID-19 Updates page:
MUFA Facebook page:

What are the penalties for violating COVID precautions?
Answer: Your team will likely be kicked out of the league opportunities for 2021. Additionally, you could get fined by a City of Madison employee (police, public health, parks ranger) for violating protocols. This whole year has been stressful for everyone. We need to proceed delicately and conform fully to all regulations to keep our relationships with the Cities of Madison and Fitchburg intact going forward. 

Will there be jerseys and discs?
Answer: TBD. There will be no jerseys or discs for the Spring Test League, and likely no jerseys or discs for Summer League 1. We are still evaluating the potential though and will keep you informed at the time of any announcements regarding either Summer League.

What about our Dane sponsorship? Do we still get free beer or soda after games?
Answer: MUFA is still working out the details with the Great Dane. Our partnership will likely look different this year, but we are doing everything possible to keep our amazing partnership with the Great Dane throughout all of our leagues. We will update everyone as soon as possible. It is likely that teams will not just be able to pop over to the Dane right after the game, and may need to make reservations, etc. to maintain compliance with public health orders. We’ll iron out our plan with them and communicate that out in one of our upcoming emails!

Please keep supporting the Great Dane in the meantime with takeout! They are a huge sponsor of our leagues!

What about Fall League?
Answer: We need to work through Summer Leagues first. We will plan to keep you all informed based on where we are at locally sometime during summer. We will have a communication plan similar to the one outline for Summer Leagues 1 and 2 for Fall League.

What about pickup?
Answer: It's important to note that while sports are technically allowed by the new public health order, there are many constraints on the offering of sports, including but not limited to 6' distance maintained at all times for any players not actively playing, mask requirements for all, including specifications about what type of masks are approved for play (single layer buffs are explicitly disallowed as face coverings for play under the new order), and requirements for hygiene policies, cleaning policies, and protective measure policies that must be in place to play sports, and all must follow the Sports Action Plan:


Thank you for your support and please continue to consider your safety and the safety of our entire community, especially those disproportionately affected by COVID-19, in your daily activities.

Hygiene Policy (DRAFT) Cleaning Policy (DRAFT) Protective Measure Policy (DRAFT)