Summer 2022 - Monday/Wednesday

Player List

Name Team namePayment Status
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Abbanat, Anna Disc Jockeys Paid
Abels, Lily Mae The team who must not be named Paid
Agard, Quaid 4th Grade Kickball Team Paid
Agustin, Hannah Keziah Boats & Ho Stacks Paid
Alcauter, Jazlyn Moby Disc Paid
Alcock, Becca Big Disc Energy Paid
Allen, Raphael The team who must not be named Paid
Alvin, James Handel With Care Paid
Anders, Noah Unnecessary Friction Paid
Anderson, Kyle Boats & Ho Stacks Paid
Andrews, Taylor Three Buck Huck Paid
Andrews, Michael bangerang Paid
Angileri, Sue JAG Paid
Aquite, William Still Counting Paid
Arcand, Renee Old Ruffians Paid