Summer 2021 Session #2 - SL2 - Monday/Wednesday Swiss Vax-Only

2021 Summer League 2 Information

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YCC Sponsorship Auction for Summer League 2:

Registration opens: June 27, 2021

Deadline for new or pre-existing teams to have 6 paid MMP and 6 paid FMP: July 5th

Individual registration closes: Aug 13

Cost: $40
This cost includes, in addition to games: a disc, jersey (see Details below), and the finals party

Registration Deadline to get a jersey: July 5

League Start/End Dates: July 12 - Aug 20, plus a finals event following.

Leagues to be offered (same as SL1):
Monday/Wednesday Vaccinated Only League
Monday/Wednesday Vaccination Optional League
Tuesday/Thursday Vaccinated Only League

Report Scores by Fridays at 5 pm!!!
It’s very important that all scores for SL2 are submitted to the website by 5 pm on Friday so that the next week’s matchups can be determined and the schedules posted. If a score is not reported, it’s like the game never happened and those teams will likely be scheduled to play each other again.

YCC Youth Sponsorship Auctions
We will hold auctions again, where youth sponsors can get perks in appreciation for their donations. Home fields and 6:30 only games will be offered.

SL1 YCC Youth Sponsors: MUFA would like to thank the following teams for their support of youth ultimate: Sloth Co., Try Hard 2: Try Harder, Dandy Lions, The Flu Fighters, [untitled]


League Format: The results of our SL2 survey sent out to all SL1 participants showed that an overwhelming majority prefers to keep our current SL1 league formats. 

Team Carry-over:  When captains go to the registration page, there will be a button that gives them the option to copy their team into SL2. This will bring all the players along, but mark them as ineligible until they pay.

If captains or other players create a new team instead of using the button, we can manually associate your SL1 team with your SL2 team.

Teams who have the required 6 MMP/6 FMP minimum paid by July 5th will be included in SL2. Teams that don’t will be removed automatically. Jersey color assignments will be the same as SL1 for carry-over teams. Players can switch teams. New teams are also welcome. SL1 team power rankings* will carry over into SL2. We appreciate your understanding as we figure out how to accommodate this highly unusual set of circumstances with our brand new website.

Jerseys: Players who play SL2 will get a jersey, if they don’t already have one for 2021. If you already got a jersey from SL1, you will NOT get a second jersey for SL2. The cost to supply jerseys was not included in SL1 fees. MUFA fronted that money so our players could get jerseys sooner, with the expectation that most people would play SL2 also. If you played SL1 but will not play SL2, MUFA would appreciate a $10 - $15 donation to help cover that cost.* (This does not include the MW Vax Optional league, which didn’t form in time to be included in the jersey order.) Donations can be made here:

You will be able to order extra jerseys.

Playoffs: We will hold an abbreviated playoffs, format TBD. There will be a finals event (all summer 2021 players welcome) for the championship game for the top MW Vax only and TR Vax Only teams. 

Finals Party: We will hold some sort of finals event the week of Aug 21, but we still don’t know what it will entail or where it will be. The Great Dane is still struggling to meet demand, so we’re unsure what they’ll be able to provide at this time.

YCC Sponsorship Auctions (Auction dates TBD):
Auction #1: East side home field 2x per week: choice of Northstar, Glacier
Auction #2: West side home field 2x per week: choice of Manchester, Midtown
Auction #3: Home field 1x per week: choice of Northstar, Glacier, Manchester, Midtown
Auction #4: All 6:30 games

*Auctions #1 - #3 can be upgraded to Olin, Brittingham, or Olbrich for an additional fee.

Power Ranking Details:
The 6 games of SL1 will be used to determine each team’s initial power ranking for SL2. Any new teams will get an estimated power rank based on self-ratings. A team’s power ranking is determined by taking into account how each team did vs. an opponent, and the relative strength of that opponent, and the results and strengths of previous games and opponents. The scheduling program then pairs up teams with similar power rankings for games each week. The results of those games are then figured into the updated power ranking at the end of each week. Final regular season power rankings will be used to determine seeds for the playoffs.


*SL1 and Jersey Costs: Before anyone complains, think about it: What other organization gives you -  in addition to the games, free beer, and a finals event - a tech-fabric jersey for $20. Nobody, that’s who. Okay? Okay. Thanks.