Teams looking for players

Our Spring and Fall leagues are "Hat" leagues, where you can sign up by yourself or with one friend and be placed onto a team.

This team / player finder is main used for the Summer League, which is a team league. You join an existing team or create your own.

(FMP)(T/Th) Laid back, fun team of all ages (16-46+) looking for FMP Octicorn teammates.
(FMP)(T/Th) Huck Huck Goose
(FMP's Only) The Left Overs / Casual Play of All Free Agents that never met and are all 23 +/- 3 Years!!! (Not Clichey)
(FMP)(M/W) Looking for FMP's
(FMP)(T/Th) The Dumplings Looking for FMP
(All)(M/W) Muskrats - Looking for fun players!
(FMP)(M/W) Casual, playful looking for FMPs