Fall 2023 - Sun - MMP

Fall 2023 Registration Information

Welcome to Fall League! Every league in the Fall League is a 'hat' league. A hat league means you sign up either by yourself or with one friend, and you are placed onto a team with other players by the MUFA league directors. You will get a long-sleeve shirt, and each team can enjoy two free pitchers of beer at the Great Dane after every game. 

This season we will use a lottery system to start registration. In the lottery system, you register for one or more leagues you want to play in, rank them based on preference, and we will randomly select players from the lottery and place them into their highest preferred league that still has space. You can read more details about that here

Games will take place at Demetral Park and McGaw Park. Burr Jones has been removed from the rotation while Madison Parks assess strategies to refurbish the field for long-term success. 

Latest Lottery Update Here


Crossed out leagues are completely filled. 

Once a week Leagues
Sunday - FMP only - (up to 8 teams) - Fields: Demetral (6/7:30 pm)
Sunday - MMP only - (up to 8 teams) - Fields: Demetral (6/7:30 pm)
Monday - Open - Night Owl (up to 8 teams) - Fields: McGaw (only 8:15 pm start time)
Monday - Mixed - Early Bird (up to 8 teams) - Fields: McGaw (only 6:30 pm start time)
Tuesday - Mixed - (up to 8 teams) - Fields: Demetral (6/7:30 pm)
Thursday - Mixed - (up to 8 teams) - Fields: Demetral  (6/7:30 pm)

Twice a week Leagues
Mon/Wed - Mixed - (up to 8 teams) - Fields: Demetral (6/7:30 pm)
Tues/Thurs Mixed  - (up to 16 teams) - Fields: McGaw (6/7:30 pm)

- One day a week: $35
- Twice a week: $60

- Players in all leagues will receive a long sleeve t-shirt with their team color midway through the season
- All teams will receive a Great Dane card good for two free pitchers on their game days


  • Sunday, July 30th - Lottery registration is opened
  • Friday, August 11th @ 11:59pm - Lottery Registration closes
  • Saturday, August 12th-19th - In multiple waves, we select lottery players and place them onto teams
  • Sunday, August 17th @ 4pm - Normal registration is open for any remaining spots
  • Friday, August 27th @ Noon  - Registration closes
  • August 27th/28th - Initial Teams created
  • Week of September 4th-10th - First Week of Games
  • Week of October 22rd-27th - Last week of games

Youth Fall League Options
Youth Fall league options are being developed and will likely take place at Bowman Park. 

Other notes
- Parents team will be available in T/Th McGaw league


Quick FAQ

How does the lottery registration work? 
For full details of the lottery, you can go here.

What is a hat league?
Our hat leagues are where players join individually (or with one friend) rather than as a full team. Players rate themselves during registration, and after registration closes, we form teams based on the player ratings to try and have the most balanced teams possible. Full teams are not permitted to join fall league as full teams.

What is baggage?
To "bag" with someone, associate your registration with someone else's to ensure you get on the same team. So you can bag with your friend, S/O, or whomever you choose, and they will be placed on the same team as you.

What does MMP or FMP stand for?
MMP means male-matchup preferred or male-matching player.
FMP means female-matchup preferred or female-matching player. 

What do Mixed, Open, FMP, MMP mean for the league names?
These reference the format that the league is played in. 

Mixed: Alternating 4MMP/3FMP - 3MMP/4FMP gender-ratio 
Open: Teams of any gender-matching preferred players, no required ratio on the field
MMP: Only Male-Matching Preferred players can play in this league
FMP: Only Female-Matching Preferred players can play in this league

Agender, gender non-conforming (GNC), genderqueer, or gender fluid players are encouraged to join leagues and match up with the players that they feel most comfortable playing with and marking. The goal is to make all MUFA programs more welcoming and safe for all athletes.