Ranked Choice Lottery Registrations

We're excited to announce a new registration system for our hat-style leagues this season – Ranked Choice Lottery Registrations!

In the past, our first come, first serve system had significant drawbacks: the general rush to sign up as quickly as possible led to repeated website crashes and players who schedules didn't align with signup were generally out of luck from the start. With the lottery system, these issues will be addressed, ensuring a smoother and more equitable registration process.

How to Register for the Lottery:

  1. Visit our website and click on the "Register" button next to the league you wish to join
  2. Fill out the information on your skill level and availability
  3. Click on the "Register to Lottery" at the bottom of the registration page

Repeat this process for each league you're interested in joining. 

Making Changes or Removing Leagues:

To update or remove a specific league's registration, click the edit icon  next to the league name on the front page, inside of the "Ranked Choice Lottery Registrations" card. 

  • To Update: Update the baggage, skill information, etc. and click the "Update Registration" at the bottom
  • To Remove: Click on the "Delete Registration" at the bottom

Ranking Your Choices:

  • For a smoother lottery process, rank the leagues in order of preference, from your most desired to your least preferred.
  • To rank multiple leagues, register for all the leagues you're interested in, and then use the up and/or down arrows next to their current ranks on your lottery card to prioritize them.

Playing in multiple Leagues:

If you've registered for multiple leagues, there will be an option at the top of the "Ranked Choice Lottery Registrations" card to choose how many leagues you'd like to play in. 

Note: you will only be selected for a second league in the lottery process if there aren't enough players to fill the spot who haven't been placed into their first league yet. 

Lottery Selection and Payment:

  • If you are selected, we will notify you via the email associated with your MUFA account.
  • You'll have 48-72 hours to make payment on our website, with the exact deadline provided in the email (times listed here are estimates).
  • The email will also include instructions on how to make the payment.

Selections will be made over multiple waves. Even if you do not get selected in the first wave, you still have a chance to be selected. 

Baggage Selection:

  • If you get selected in the lottery, your baggage will also be selected to join the same team.

Lottery Selection (excess removals):

  • If you get selected into a league, and you hit your maximum number of leagues you want to play in, the system will remove any excess registrations

This is to spare people getting put into future lotteries they did not want to join. If a player wants to play in 1 league but registers for 5. We remove the excess once they reach the maximum number of leagues they want to play in is reached.

  • Once the lottery is over and there are future lottery rounds, you can re-register for a league to show that you still want to be selected for it. 

Mixed League Baggage Preferences:

  • The gender-matching preference with the lowest number of players signed up will go through the lottery first to determine the appropriate number of teams we can create.
    • Typically Female-Matching preferred players have the lower signup number in mixed, meaning that we will first place solo and baggages with FMP players first, to determine the appropriate number of teams we can create. Then we will then place Solo-MMPs and MMP/MMP baggages for the remaining open spots. 

Open, MMP, FMP League Baggage Preferences:

  • No priority is given in Open, MMP, and FMP leagues, and players will be randomly selected to create the appropriate number of teams

By doing it this way, we hope to reduce chaos, increase the number of players who get into at least one league, and be able to make the appropriate number of teams with enough players to ensure a balance between attendance and playing time.

We hope this new Ranked Choice Lottery Registration system makes the process more enjoyable, and equitable for all participants.
Happy playing and see you on the field!