Get Ready for Summer League Playoffs!

The Summer League playoffs are just around the corner, starting on August 7th/8th. Here's everything you need to know about how they work:

Opt-In and Opt-Out:

Main Playoffs: 
Teams are automatically Opted-In to the main playoffs by default, but you have the option to Opt-Out if needed before the playoffs begin.

Consolation Bracket:
Teams are automatically Opted-Out to the consolation playoffs by default, but you have the option to Opt-In before the playoffs begin.


If you choose to Opt-In, we expect your team to be available for every scheduled game of that playoff.

Playoff Format:
Teams will be separated into single-elimination brackets, each containing up to eight teams. Your team will play up to three games, depending on if your team wins and the size of your bracket.

Consolation Bracket:
Even if your team loses the first game, don't worry! You can still get involved by choosing to Opt-In to the Consolation bracket. For the Consolation bracket, teams will be placed into single-elimination brackets of up to four teams.

Number of Games:
All teams have the opportunity to play at least two games in the playoffs, and we will make every effort to give teams three games if they wish.

Finals Party:
The top finals for the highest bracket in the Monday/Wednesday (M/W) and Tuesday/Thursday (T/Th) leagues will be held at the Finals Party on August 22nd @ Warner Park. This event is open to all Summer League players, and free food and soda will be provided for all players. The event is BYOB if you wish to partake in age-appropriate beverages. Non-MUFA attendees can attend the event for free, and can purchase a food wristband for $20.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can one-day-a-week teams participate in the playoffs?
   - Yes, one-day-a-week teams can join the playoffs, but please make sure your team can commit to playing twice a week if you Opt-In. If not, you can choose to Opt-Out.

2. How can I see the playoffs schedule?
   - Once the schedules have been generated, simply click on the playoff button in the division menu above, and you'll be directed to the playoff page. You won't be placed into your bracket until the weekend before the playoffs begin.

3. How do I Opt-In/Out of the playoffs?
   - On the front page, go to "My Teams," each team you're on will have a notification above the team card explaining the process. Only team captains can switch this setting.

4. How do I Opt-In/Out of the Consolation Playoffs?
   - This option will appear just like the previous Opt-In/Out settings but only for teams that lose their first game. By default, teams are Opted-Out. Note that teams must Opt-In before Noon of the next day from their match.
   - M/W teams must Opt-In by Tuesday, August 8th, @ Noon.
   - T/Th teams must Opt-In by Wednesday, August 9th, @ Noon.

Get ready for some end-of-season competition! If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Best of luck to all the teams!