2021 Summer Ringers and Official Subs List

The Official Subs and Ringer Designations are not yet available on our website. This is the official list in the meantime. Please email [email protected] with a list of ringers and official subs for your team, if any, and we will update this page at or before the start of games.

FROM MUFA Rules Page: 

1.3 Official Subs

Each team is allowed 2 permanent subs that can be used anytime the team has less than 5 players of a gender available. These subs must be listed on the roster as subs. Official subs cannot be used if there are 5 or more regular roster players of the same gender playing in the game. The official subs must sign up on a team as a sub. Teams must inform the opposing captain of their use of the subs, but the opposing captain has no say in their eligibility. These subs must be on other summer league teams and they can be in the same league. Subs cannot be used in the playoffs. Any subs used in the playoffs must have the other captain's permission.

1.4 Ringer Limits (Summer League) -

TR Swiss: 3 ringers of each gender on the roster, 2 of each gender on the field
 MW Swiss: 2 ringers of each gender on the roster, 2 of each gender on the field.




Official Subs

(Team Person is subbing for, Sub's Name, FMP/MMP, Permanent Team)

Dandy Lions /David Cann/MMP/The Flu Fighters
Dandy Lions, Claire Curley, FMP, bangerang

Huck Me Deep, Camille O'Connell, FMP, PeakedinHighschool

Jerkstore: Kristen Hanson/FMP/Indecent Discposure
Jerkstore: Austin White-Pentony/MMP/Indecent Discposure

Ruth Badder Disc Burns/Caroline Fallon/FMP/ Exit 69. 

2Spooky, Lily Mae Abels, FMP, The Team Who Must Not Be Named
2Spooky, Annabelle Sobotik, FMP, Barbara and the Kazoos


Indecent Discposure's subs
Treeman Kopish MMP

Julia Weiser FMP

Don't Stand So Close To Me / Brad Fedie / MMP / Old Ruffians

Parental Advisory./Kahara Franze/FMP/ Red Squadron: Episode X.

bangerang/Susan DeCicco/FMP/Rodents of Unusual Size XXI

Team Hot Stuff, Kristin Degeneffe, FMP, The Unmasked Avengers
Team Hot Stuff, Annie Millen, FMP, Hot Pie!


Try Hard 2: Try Harder
Fennig, Robyn
Daniels, Ellie
Langland, Emily
Kelly, Jack
McCosky, Ian
Sunde, Colin
Luo, Victor (sub)

Exit 69 - Ringers

Marty, Chase
Mcdonald, Liam



Ian McCosky.


Huckleberry Hounds

Pat Donovan
Lucas Simon-Wambach




Michelle Zaber
Jordan Benson


Katy Stanton
Vanessa Cannaday
Lauren Perucco
Kevin Cannaday


Frisbeans ringers: Maddox Hill, Matthew Grinde, and Oscar Felcan.