Fall 2023 - Thurs - Mixed

Player List

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Anderson, Joanna Damn Yankees Paid
Andrew, Charlie Anything Goes Paid
Athalye, Atharva West Side Story Paid
Ball, David West Side Story Paid
Bates, Ben Fiddler on the Roof Paid
Bauer, Paxton Porgy and Bess Paid
Bauer, Bryson Porgy and Bess Paid
Bauer, Morgan Porgy and Bess Paid
Beaugh, Devyn Damn Yankees Paid
Beck, Emeline Porgy and Bess Paid
Beckman, Erica West Side Story Paid
Beckstrom, Kaysee West Side Story Paid
Bipin, Abhinav Anything Goes Paid
Bloom, Mitch Anything Goes Paid
Bode, Kolt Damn Yankees Paid