Fall 2023 - Tues - Mixed

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Anderson, Kayla Bye Bye Birdie Paid
Becker, Ben Oklahoma! Paid
Benzine, Craig Into The Woods Paid
Bergmann, Trillian Annie Get Your Gun Paid
Billings, Jessica Cabaret Paid
Brewer, Katherine Cabaret Paid
Brown, Anthony Bye Bye Birdie Paid
Brown, Bonnie Bye Bye Birdie Paid
burns, rebekah Into The Woods Paid
Cameron, William Into The Woods Paid
Ceperley, Liz Bye Bye Birdie Paid
Chasen, Elissa Bye Bye Birdie Paid
Chaudoir, Justin 42nd Street Paid
Chernak, Jada South Pacific Paid
Conley, Hannah South Pacific Paid