Summer 2021 Session #2 - SL2 - Tuesday/Thursday Swiss Vax-Only

Player List

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Adams, Ken Walking Helmets 3: Speed Walking is Dangerous too Paid
Aiken, Erik Northern Flickers Paid
Aiken, Ross Northern Flickers Paid
Aiken, Becky Northern Flickers Paid
Aiken, Vera Northern Flickers Paid
Alexander, Andrew Green Eggs & Hammers Paid
Alexander, Laura The Otter Team Paid
Alexander, Graeme Green Eggs & Hammers Paid
Aley, Megan FRisbEE Britney Paid
Allee, Tyler Don't Stand So Close to Me Paid
Allen, Sarah Juicebox Heroes Paid
Allen, Brandon Not Drunk Enough Paid
Alm, Madalyn The Gut Microbiome Paid
Altfillisch, Chad Huck Huck Goose Paid
Alvin, James Disc it for the biscuit Paid