Summer 2022 - One Day A Week Signup


Fall 2022 Registration Information

Fall league is back again and we'll be offering eight different leagues for you to choose to play in.
All of our leagues this fall will be hat leagues with up to one baggage.  

Registration has closed for Fall League.

One day a week Leagues**

Sunday - FMP only -  (up 8 teams) - Fields: Demetral / Burr Jones (6/7:30 pm)
Tuesdays - MMP only - (up to 8 teams) - Fields: Demetral / Burr Jones (6/7:30 pm)
Monday - Open - Night Owl (up to 8 teams) - Fields: McGaw (only 8:15 pm start time)
Monday - Mixed - Early Bird (up to 8 teams) - Fields: McGaw (only 6:30 pm start time)
Tuesday - Mixed - (up to 8 teams) - Fields: Demetral / Burr Jones (6/7:30 pm)
Thursday - Mixed - (up to 8 teams) - Fields: Demetral / Burr Jones (6/7:30 pm)

Twice a a week Leagues**

Mon/Wed -  Mixed MMP/FMP -  (up 8 teams) - Fields: Burr Jones (mon) / Demetral (wed) (6/7:30 pm)
Tues/Thurs Mixed MMP/FMP - 
 (up 16 teams) - Fields: McGaw (6/7:30 pm)

**all games listed as Demetral/Burr Jones will be east side games. In the event the city does not approve the use of Burr Jones, game location may be changed to Warner and game times may include 7 pm games.


- One day a week: $35
- Twice a week: $60


- Players in all leagues will receive a long sleeve t-shirt with their team color, midway through the season
- All teams will receive a Great Dane card good for two free pitchers on their game days

Registration Dates

- Sunday, August 21st @ 4pm - Fall league registration is opened
- Sunday, August 28th @ 11:59pm - Fall league registration closes
- Friday, September 2nd - Teams to be finalized by this date
- Monday, September 5th (labor day) - First games of the season for M/W and M leagues


Each league has a limit capacity and once that initial capacity is hit, players will only be able to register to that specific leagues waitlist. If more space becomes available in that league, we will contact players and remove them from the waitlist and allow them to compete their registration. 

Other notes

- MMP who baggage with FMP will get registration priority
- Parents team will be available in T/Th McGaw league
You may sign up for multiple leagues

Registration-specific questions: email    mufa.leagues (at gmail)
General league questions: email     mufa.leagues (at gmail)
Youth Ultimate questions: email    mufa.youth     (at gmail)
Any other questions: email     (at gmail)


Quick FAQ

What is a hat league?
Our hat leagues are where players join individually (or with one friend) rather than as a full team. Players rate themselves during registration and after registration closes we form teams based on the player ratings to try and have the most balanced teams possible.

What is baggage?
To "bag" with someone is to associate your registration with someone else's, to make sure you get on the same team. So you can bag with your friend, S/O or whomever you choose, and they will be placed on the same team as you.

What does MMP/FMP stand for?
MMP means male-matchup preferred, or male-matching player
FMP means female-matchup preferred, or female-matching player. 




Playoffs - Summer League 2022

This summer we will be trying out a new structure for our playoffs. Traditionally we've done playoffs in groups of 16 teams with an upper and lower single elimination bracket. We ran into two main issues with that structure: It was more likely have high skill disparity from the #1 and #16 seed and there was inconsistent attendence from teams in the lower bracket.

With that said, we here is the structure we'll be using for this summer. 

Upper Bracket

  • Playoffs will be split all teams in groups of 8**
  • The groups of 8 teams will be made up of the rankings on the standings page (e.g. Group 1 = 1-8 | Group 2 = 9-16 | etc...)
  • It'll be an 8 team single elimination bracket
  • Schedule for these games
    • Quarter-Finals:¬† Wed Aug. 10th / Thurs Aug. 11th¬†
    • Semi-Finals:¬† Mon Aug. 15th / Tues Aug. 16th¬†
    • Finals:¬† Wed Aug. 17th / Thurs Aug. 18th
      • Note: M/W Group 1 Finals and TR Group 1 Finals will be played at the finals party on August 23rd. Details below.

Consolation bracket

Teams who lose their first game in the upper bracket can opt-in to playing in the consolation bracket. Captains of the teams who lose their first playoff match will have until Midnight on Friday, August 12th to opt-in. There will be an option on the website for teams to choose this. The schedule and brackets will be created on Saturday, August 13th. 

The option to Opt-in function will be listed on the website, soon after scores for the first playoff games in you division have been recorded. 

  • The Consolation Bracket will be split into groups of, up to, 4 teams of similiar skill, of teams who chose to opt-in
  • It'll be a single Elimination bracket¬†
  • Schedule for these games
    • Semi-Finals:¬† Mon Aug. 15th / Wed Aug. 16th¬†
    • Finals:¬† Wed Aug. 17th / Thurs Aug. 18th

One-day a week teams
Teams which only play one day a week, are eligible to play in playoffs, but they will have to potentially play twice a week. If a one day a week team cannot do this, please inform us ([email protected]) and we will remove you from the upper bracket playoff schedule.¬†

Finals Party

We will have the Finals party on Tuesday, August 23rd at Warner Park. M/W Group 1 Finals at 6pm, TR Group 1 Finals at 7:30. 

Complimentary food will be provided for summer league participants. Admission is free for guests; a guest food wristband can be purchased for $20.

Soda and water will be provided with food wristbands; attendees will have to supply their own age-appropriate beverages beyond that.

**Note:  If all t/th teams play, then te 65th/66th teams will play each other and then they'll be placed into the Consolation Bracket.