Spring 2023 - MMP - Monday/Wednesday

Spring League 2023

We are excited to announce Spring League 2023! We will have a brand new league and a few other changes you can read about below.
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Adult Season Schedule

MMP/FMP Leagues Registration Opens - March 22nd 5pm

We are also looking into testing a lottery-style registration system for the mixed leagues this spring. (If you're wondering what this is, we explain it in more detail below)
Mixed Leagues Registration Lottery (Round 1) - March 22nd 5pm - March 26th 11:59pm 
Mixed Leagues Lottery Players Placed (Round 1) - March 27th

Mixed Leagues Registration Lottery (Round 2) - March 27th - March 30th 11:59pm
Mixed Leagues Lottery Players Placed (Round 2) - April 1st/2nd

Mixed Leagues Waitlists Open - April 1st /2nd

All Registration Closes  - April 4th 11:59pm
First Week of Games - April 10th - April 14th
Last Week of Games - May 29th - June 2nd

Let's talk about what leagues will have this year. 

Female Matching Player (FMP) Leagues - Baggage Limit 4
All games run from 6-7:30 PM.

($25) Monday FMP: IM/Adv| Both sides of town 
($25) Thursday FMP: Recreational  | East Side
($25) Tuesday FMP: Coached  | West Side (Manchester) 
The coached league is designed to teach beginners the basic skills they need to play ultimate frisbee and provide intermediate players the opportunity to fine tune and develop new skills.  Returners are encouraged and welcome!  Expect to spend 1 hour learning and practicing skills using drills and the last 30 minutes scrimmaging.  As the season progresses, we will spend more and more time scrimmaging.  Our instructors are local elite female matching club players, so come learn from some local dedicated and skilled players!

Male Matching Player (MMP) Leagues - Baggage Limit 4
All games run from 6-7:30 PM.

($40) Monday/Wednesday MMP | Both sides of town
($25) Tuesday MMP | East Side
($25) Thursday MMP | West Side

Mixed Leagues - Baggage Limit 2
All games run from 6-7:30 PM.

($25) Thursday Mixed - Recreational  | Both sides of town 
($25) Thursday Mixed - Adv. Draft  | Both sides of town
($25) Tuesday Mixed - Masters  | Mostly West Side
Masters league is not a reference to skill level but to age. This is open to Male Matching Players who will be 33 this year or are already older than 33. For Female Matching Players, you must be 30 this year or older 30. 

Exact field locations will be dependent on the eventual size of each league. We will do our best to adhere to the predicted locations here but cannot guarantee there may not be an occasional crosstown game.

Agender, gender non-conforming (GNC), genderqueer, or gender fluid players are encouraged to join leagues and match up with the players that they feel most comfortable playing with and marking. The goal is to make all MUFA programs more welcoming and safe for all athletes.


Spring League Changes

1. Minimum Number of FMPs per team
One common complaint from female matching players is that the FMP roster sizes need to be larger and that, too often, there were not enough subs at the games for FMPs. For mixed leagues, our minimum number of FMPs was seven per team; we will increase this to eight. This may affect the total number of teams. Note that, while we will aim to meet this goal, it is possible that a few teams might have 7 FMP on it still, if there are registration issues. 

2. Mixed League - Lottery Registration
In Fall League especially, but also in Spring League, we run into the issue of players overloading the website to try to register as fast as possible when registration opens. This not only creates a bad experience for the players, as the website can crash or have issues due to the significant increase in traffic, but also an unfair one for anyone who can't register exactly as registration opens. 

This Spring League, we will try out a new lottery system for Mixed leagues only, where registration will open for about a week. All players will register to what is essentially one big waitlist. After the week of players signing up to this "waitlist," we will randomly select solo players or baggage pairs off of the waitlist, and they'll get access to finish their registration. 

The total number of teams will be decided after registration closes based on the number of female matching players that register for the league. For male-matching players, the priority in the lottery will be MMPs who are baggaged with FMPs. We cannot guarantee that MMP/MMP baggages in mixed leagues will make it into the league.

If any spots are available after the lottery, we will open up registration for the remaining spots. Our goal is to create a more fair registration system and help us understand how many players are interested in playing. As often, players will not try to register to a full league, as they know they are unlikely to get in. 

Keep in mind this is a new process for us, and if we run into issues in our testing prior to registration opening,  we may need to revert to using the standard registration process. If this happens, it will be communicated before registration opens. 

3. Mixed Masters League
We plan to use the Spring League to try new formats for MUFA. In the survey, we asked about various formats MUFA could try, including an age-restricted league. This option was well received, and we will try it out this Spring. We will use the existing USAU Masters requirements, which are 33 for MMPs; 30 for FMPs.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at [email protected]