Winter 2021/22 Goalty #2 - Tuesday FMP League

Winter Goalty 2021/22

Tuesday FMP League - Register
- Tuesdays starting Jan 25 and running through Mar 22
- will be held at Blackhawk Middle and Gompers Elementary
- Games will start at 6:00p
- no cap for players, but expecting around 40
- Baggage with one other
- $10/player
Wednesday Mixed League and Spillover League - Register
- Wednesdays starting Jan 26 and running through Mar 23
- Will be at Blackhawk Middle, Gompers Elementary, and Stephens Elementary.
- Games at 6p and run until 9:30p.
- Cap of 80 players at a 2:2 FMP:MMP ratio (i.e. 40 MMP, 40 FMP cap). All beyond that cap will fall into the Spillover League
- Baggage with one other
- $15/player

- You can also register just for the Spillover League by making that note when you register. Otherwise, signup priority goes first to the Mixed league, then to Spillover

Thursday Queer/Nonbinary LeagueRegister
- Thursdays starting Jan 27 and running through Mar 24. 
- Will be at Gompers Elementary
- Games at 6p
- Free
- This league is meant to be an inclusive space within the queer community including anyone who identifies as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, or non-binary. There is an emphasis on fun and learning and positive play / spirit of the game. We won't be tracking scores beyond each Thursday and the points don't matter! This is a space to build queer community and be active together. At this time this league is only open to those who self identify within the broad LGBTQI+ community. Allies can support this league by broadly sharing the registration link and information.
All leagues will be vax-required and mask required while indoors.

If you need upload your vaccination card:

League Rules: