Fall 2023 - Tues/Thurs - Mixed

Fall League - Lottery Update

We've just gone through the first wave of lottery selections. Players selected in the first wave have until Wednesday @ 11:59pm to complete their registration. 


We've reopened registration until the next lottery wave. 


Next Lottery Wave: Thursday Evening


Here are some updates on the capacity of each league:


Space Available

Both single-gender-matching leagues still have about 50% of the space available.

Sunday - FMP only - (up to 8 teams) - Fields: Demetral (6/7:30 pm)

Sunday - MMP only - (up to 8 teams) - Fields: Demetral (6/7:30 pm)


Night Owl is slightly more filled, with only 25% space left

Monday - Open - Night Owl - Fields: McGaw (only 8:15 pm)


Limited Availability

Tues/Thurs Mixed  - (up to 16 teams) - Fields: McGaw (6/7:30 pm)

Mon/Wed - Mixed - (up to 8 teams) - Fields: Demetral (6/7:30 pm)



Monday - Mixed - Early Bird (up to 8 teams) - Fields: McGaw (only 6:30pm)

Tuesday - Mixed - (up to 8 teams) - Fields: Demetral (6/7:30 pm)

Thursday - Mixed - (up to 8 teams) - Fields: Demetral (6/7:30 pm)


**Space may come available based on how many players do not complete their registrations by Wednesday


You can still register for any league, including the filled ones, as space may be available on Thursday. 


Take advantage of the rank choice lottery system!

Registering for more leagues does not increase your chance of being selected, but it does increase your of being placed into a league if selected. 


Our lottery works by randomly selecting a player, then looking at the leagues they've registered for. We then place the player in the league they ranked the highest that still has space available. If you only have one league registered, and it's full, then you won't get into any league. 


If you register for multiple leagues, even if the one your 1st choice is full, you will get placed into your highest-ranked league that still has space available.