Fall 2022 - Sun - FMP

2022 Fall League Finals Party - Friday Oct 28th

Join us this coming Friday, October 28th for the 2022 MUFA Fall League Finals. 

The party and games begin at 6pm @ McGaw Park (5236 Lacy Rd, Fitchburg, WI 53711)

Free food will be provided to league players, but players should plan to provide their own age-appropriate beverages for consumption. (BYOB, for short.) Please, no glass, and pick up after yourselves.

Schedule for the Finals:

6:00pm - McGaw West - Mon/Wed Championship

6:00pm - McGaw North - Tues - Mixed Championship

6:30pm - McGaw East - Mon (Early Bird) - Mixed Championship

7:30pm - McGaw North - Thurs - Mixed Championship

7:30pm - McGaw West - Tues/Thurs Championship