Fall 2022 - Sun - FMP

Welcome to Fall League

Welcome to Fall League!

Teams are finalized and the first week schedules are up. 


Mixed leagues will be played using the 4/3 - 3/4 alternating gender ratios, same as it is played in Summer League. 

Great Dane - Each team will get two free pitchers of beer at the Great Dane after their game. More information on card pick up will be released as soon as we have more info from the dane on it. 

Lights - Burr Jones and Demetral are on timers. McGaw has a locked light box and we've given out keys to some captains to be able to turn it on for games that night. 

Long sleeve jerseys - These will be distributed later in the season. 

Jersey Colors - Teams will either be white or dark for their jersey color until the official jerseys are distributed. What your teams jersey color is for each game will be listed on the website. 


Good luck to all teams! 


If you have any issues, you can contact us @ [email protected]