Summer 2021 Session #2 - SL2 - Tuesday/Thursday Swiss Vax-Only

2021 Summer League #2 Registration

Cost:  $40 per player.

Captains must make the team before players can sign up.

League Options:

Tuesday/Thursday Swiss Vax-Only League - proof of vaccination required

Monday/Wednesday Swiss Vax-Only League - proof of vaccination required

Monday/Wednesday Swiss No-Vax-Required League - no vaccine requirement

Small group sign-up

Vaccination Verification

If you are playing in a vaccinated only league, upload a picture of your vaccination card or a screenshot of your Wisconsin Vaccination record here. You may redact any personal information except for your full name. Make sure you enter the same email you used for your MUFA account on the vaccination form. If you don't, we won't know it's you and you'll have to fill out the form again before you can play. If you already uploaded your card for the spring test league, you don't need to do it again.

Registration Deadline for teams: July 5
Teams must have a minimum of 6 FMP (female matchup preferred) and 6 MMP (male matchup preferred) to be considered a registered team.

Teams who do not meet this deadline will only be allowed into the league with special persmission.

Each team must have 1 FMP captain and 1 MMP captain. Whoever creates the team will be able to designate the second captain.

Players who did not play in SL1 or registered after the jersey deadline in SL1 will receive a jersey with their paid SL2 registration, provided it is paid for prior to the jersey order deadline. 

Note that if you recieved a free jersey SL1, you will not qualify to get a free jersey in SL2. If you would like another jersey, you may purchase by adding an "Adult Extra Jersey" to your order. 

Registration Deadline for additional players: none