Madison MUFAbots YCC Teams

2020 Combine Schedule!

In 2020 MUFA and Wisconsin Ultimate will once again be holding three combines to fill spots on Madison-area YCC teams. Sign-ups for these free combines will open up in March, after YCC bids are announced by USAU. The schedule is as follows:

Saturday 5/3/2020, 2pm-5pm, Breese Stevens Field — This combine will feature only single-gender drills/play. Interested mixed players should still come to this combine if they are able.
Friday 5/15/2020, 6pm-9pm, Demetral Fields
Saturday 5/16/2020, 1:30pm-4:30pm, Breese Stevens Field


Who are the Madison MUFAbots?
The MUFAbots are a set of youth teams that form in the spring, receive instruction from highly skilled coaches via practices throughout the summer. The MUFAbots finish out their season by competing in the Youth Club Championships in Blaine, Minnesota on August 1st-3rd.

What are the Youth Club Championships?
Youth Club Championships are a three-day tournament where national and international teams come together to compete against each other. The goal of this event is to provide national level competition for youth ultimate players and encourage local playing opportunities for area youth. Consistent with the values of ultimate frisbee, spirit of the game is valued at the same level as competitive play at this event.

Am I good enough to play on a YCC team?

Level of skill is not the only determining factor for if you make a team. We also consider your attitude, spirit of the game, desire to learn, and balancing participation across all schools, among other factors. We encourage anyone and everyone who is interested in playing for a YCC team to participate in the combines. Even if you would not make a team, we often need practice players over the summer in the Madison area, which allows you to continue to learn and grow your ultimate skills and meet other Madison-area youth ultimate players.
Players qualifying for U17 teams and female players have more spots available on the teams. In prior years all female players who have wanted to play have received a roster spot on at least one team.


What are the costs associated with playing on a YCC Madison MUFAbots team?
Costs vary year to year, but recent teams have had between $250-350 of player costs once tournament fees, uniforms, lodging, food, and travel costs are considered. We work to keep the costs down for all players. The MUFAbots fundraise for this trip to reduce costs. Additionally, MUFA can provide financial support to those who struggle to afford player costs. If you are interested in playing but finances are what is keeping you away, please attend the free combine anyway, we’ll find a way to make things work out!

Who are the 2020 Madison MUFAbots coaches?
Applications for coaches are open until March 15th! Apply now!

MUFAbots 2019 Coaches:
Under 20 Mixed Team – Glenn Poole, Molly Berkholtz, Lilly Iverson
Under 17 Girls Team – Clea Poklemba, Maya Banks, Emily Cohen, Jane Zheng
Under 17 Boys Team – Camila Flowerman, Margaret Walker, Ken Adams

Questions? Contact [email protected] or visit MUFA Youth and YCC for more information.